Saturday, August 13, 2011

Story Synopsis 1

I put this together about a year ago, but haven't done much with it....

The 'far, flung' future holds many wonders. Cats have decided to start speaking again, almost everyone can control the local weather, and nearly everything is automated. From the 'techno-boom' of the the early 21st century came the “A.I.s” or Automated Investigator. “Sam” Bohlts was one of the first but, quickly, became outdated. There was nothing wrong with his neurals, mind you, but his plastonian endoskeleton, which was covered in a layer of generation one transdermium, just wasn't the technological marvel that it once had been.

Now, struggling to make a byte, he takes any case that the Agency offers. Even a missing sentients case. He hated, as much as a N.U.T (Non-combat Utility Tool) can 'hate', missing sentients. Mainly due to the fact that if someone in The Society was missing, it was usually because they -wanted- to be missing. Not everyone was happy in the utopian society that arose from the Great Collapse. Some yearned for the days of yesteryear....conflict, non-conformity.....adventure! Usually, locating someone in Newmerica wasn't much of a challenge, but a holo star with a lot of points at her disposal was a different story.

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