Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo prompt: Double Trouble

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The Man Wearing The Monocle sneered. His anger was palpable. He stared down at the three, nervous looking, men and they could hear his teeth grind. He ran his fingers through his shortly cropped, blonde hair.

"But....but....Doc...we...we...did what ya said."

"First of all it is not 'Doc'....I am Doctor Blitzkrieg...and, second of all, you did not do what I asked. Think very hard on if your lives depended on it.", the man said in his thick, German, accent. In all his years, back in the Third Reich, he had never seen such incompetence.

The moonlight shone off the shiny leather worn by the larger man. Doctor Blitzkrieg thought himself to be the pinnacle of Nazi engineering. He stood six foot three and was two hundred and forty pounds of solid muscle. Not bad for a man of eighty three....though he looked to be only in his mid thirties. Why couldn't everyone be as perfect?

He sneered down at his underlings with contempt. If he hadn't put so much effort into cloning and raising them, they would surely be dead by this point.

"What I said was to replace Chad Farnsworth with a you know what the word 'double' means?"

The three men glanced around at each if knowing what the other was thinking. Their brown hair was coiffed back, except for the one standing in the middle...he wore a baseball cap, turned backwards.

"Ummm....two?", the one in the ballcap offered hesitantly.

"No!!! It means.....", the Doctor's face reddened even more....he flexed the fingers of his massive if trying to stop himself from choking something, or someone.

" does mean 'two', I suppose. But not in this case. In this case the meaning was 'exact duplicate'!!! You were to replace Farnsworth and the DUPLICATE was to throw the game so I could collect enough money from that loathsome bookmaker to fund my next project!!"

" did that! the pic here. We're nabbing Farnsworth while his double shows up and gets the cheers from the fans. The chicks are really diggin' him."

"That's another thing", Blitzkrieg boomed, "as idiotic as this situation also managed to get photographed in the act of kidnapping Farnsworth!!!!"

The three, identical, men glanced around nervously at each other.

"If nothing else", the Doctor continued his rant,"you would have thought the picture would confirm that Farnsworth isn't black!!!"

"Now Doc....calm down. Remember yer blood pressure."

Blitzkrieg flexed his hands again, his biceps bulging and threatening to rip the leather of his jacket.

"Besides.....we did sorta notice that, but then just figgered the pic was in black and white."

The Doctor's eyes widened as the blood vessels in his forehead bulged. He began to get if he was having a stroke. Maybe it was his time. Maybe Valhalla was sending a Valkyrie to bring him home at this moment.

It didn't matter, he thought to himself as he pulled out his old, trusty, Ruger. He had three bullets left and that's all he needed.


Tyrean Martinson said...

I don't think I would want to work for him. Nice flash!

Mark Means said...

Heh, yeah I think he was just a tad...unhinged, as villains go. But, with henchmen like those...wouldn't you be, too? :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

I love this. Laughed out loud, but then was silenced with thoughts of the henchmen's unfortunate, but understandable fate. Nice job.

Mark Means said...

Thank you very much, Sydney :)

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