Friday, January 18, 2013

Pretty, Shiny Things

I've been up since around 9:30, in the a.m., and had every intention of trying to post something of actual substance, but it seems that my mind just isn't working that way this morning.

As I sat here, staring at the screen, I've been distracted by "pretty, shiny things" as my wife likes to call them. You know....those things that make you....

Rocket J. Squirrel


...lose your train of thought and move on to other things, when you know you should be doing something else.....such as what you set out to do in the first place.

Since I started out to write this post, I've been up and down as the PSTs (pretty, shiny things) have jerked me around and forced....yes, that's right....forced me to other things....such as...

  • Drinking two cups of coffee
  • Dusting my desk and monitors
  • Hanging two pictures and rearranging two others
  • Taking a few pictures for a future blog post
  • Cleaning up my picture folder on my phone
  • Downloading a "To Do" list app for Chrome (Wunderlist, in case you were interested)
  • Downloading a theme creator for Chrome and creating a new theme

You get the idea. I always say that I'm a pro -crastinator because I hate to be an amateur at anything ;)

I forget the quote, but someone once said something like "The way to get a writer to do all those things that need doing around the house, is to have them start writing..." or something to that effect.

And it seems to be very true!

I also wanted to give a quick plug to something that came across my reader that I thought was a neat idea. Misha Gericke over at My First Book is holding a contest (with prizes and everything!) looking to recognize different blogs in different categories. This month's categories consist of....

Most Encouraging Blogger
Best Reviewer
Best Writing and/or Inspirational Post
Beginner with Most Potential

If interested, head over to her blog for all the details. These type of community building things are always cool, in my book.

Now...back to the blogosphere!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No, you're supposed to get back to writing! Too many shiny squirrels...

Mark Means said...

Especially the flying variety....too true! :)

C McKane said...

I had the same problem and it took me far too long to finish my post for today... that was supposed to go out yesterday.

All winter break I've been saying I've got plenty of time to do this or that and then it hit me this morning that school starts on Tuesday!

Mark Means said...

It hasn't been until (very) recently that I've at least tried to get out of my procrastinating ways. While I've made some headway, it's still a hard thing to do.

Sometimes, though, pressure be a good thing....hey, it makes diamonds, right? :)

Allison said...

heh. Pro-crastinator. Good one ;)

Allison (Geek Banter)

Mark Means said...

Heh, thanks's an old favorite of mine :)

Misha Gericke said...

Thanks for plugging my blog! Pretty Shiny Things get to me too. I really need to get back to writing.

Mark Means said...

Any time, Misha! And, yes, I can agree with that sentiment...I need to get back to writing, too! :)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Shiny things get you every time. Writing can be tough but it;s even tougher not getting distracted.

Mark Means said...

Very true, Sheena...especially when you have a solid internet connection :)

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