Friday, February 1, 2013

Fries Day

I like french fries. Especially MacDonald's french fries.

What's that got to do with this post? Nothing really, besides sounding like "Friday"....that and I just like french fries....oh, and tater tots.

I don't really have much to report on the writing front today. As productive as last week seemed to be, this week has been, almost, the complete opposite.

In comic book terms, it'd be a 'Bizarro Friday'.....or 'Day-Fri'...however you want to think about it.

When I tally up the score, it looks a little like this:

In the 'minus' column I've got....

  • I did zero writing on any of my projects.
  • I did very little a few decimals away from zero.
  • I didn't read like I wanted to. I have two books that need finishing up with many waiting in the wings. 
  • I wanted to come up with five story ideas. I came up guessed

I can't really beat myself up too much, though, because in the 'plus' column I've got....

  • I took part in a great bloghop, the "Please Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself" hop was a lot of fun and I met a ton of new and interesting blogging buddies.
  • I've stuck to my new blogging schedule that I set up last week, which meant that I was writing.
  • I signed up for the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge", (link on sidebar) which looks like a lot of fun. 
  • I came across another fun looking hop, the "Level Up!" blogfest, which is going on Feb. 20th. (link on sidebar)

All in all, not a terrible week when it came to writing.

How about you? Any progress on any of your projects? Have a 'minus' or 'plus' week?

Regardless, though, I hope you all have a great weekend.

With all this talk about french fries, I'm going to leave you with a recipe so that, you too, can make your very own MacDonald's french fries.

Bon appetit'!


Anonymous said...

I love french fries though in the UK we call them chips.
Can't understand why different countries have the same food but different names. Enjoyed your post, I too have signed for the A to Z as I think it get the little grey cells working and a purpose for April.

Enjoy your week-end.

Ella said...

Oh, Mark...I love their fries. I behave most of the year, but over the holidays it is a tradition to have them. You know those memories of your parents taking you Christmas shopping when you were a kid. Then I remember the first time allowed to drive to the big city and shop with my friends :D Your Fry-day is giving me happy flash backs. Is this a low cal Happy Meal? lol
I love that you add the positive spin! Life happens and we keep going for fry-day ;D

M.J. Fifield said...

I love Mickey D's fries too. Every now and then, I will treat myself to some.

I didn't get any writing/editing done on my writing projects either. Better luck next week!

jaybird said...

I could eat a pile of McD's fries. Looking at that picture makes me want to go right out and get some...if it wasn't snowing like crazy, I might just go do that. LOL

I didn't get too much done this week either. Hopefully next week will be better. Have a great weekend!

Marsha Sigman said...

I love french fries. And Fridays.

Happy Weekend!

Lexa Cain said...

Don't worry about the lack of progress. All of us sometimes need down time and to re-charge our batteries. I love those fries, too! You made me really really hungry! :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's all just progress in a different area!
Glad you are on board for the Challenge.

Julie said...

McD's has always been my favorite. Way back when I got my first paying job, I mostly lived on quarter pounder meals. They've always had the best fries around. I remember too liking them because they were the only ones to have fat straws. Everyone else's were smaller. That's a very fond memory. Have a great fry-day!

Mark Means said...

@Yvonne: Yes, I've always wondered that too...I guess it's all about culture :) Thank you and, yes, A to Z should be a great challenge :)

@Ella: Our family, sort of, had the same kind of tradition...only our stop was White Have a great weekend!

@M.J.: Yep, there -is- always next week :)

@jaybird: I've been trying to eat less bread/pasta, but I cracked last week and went to MacD's. I re-gained control when I got to the drive up window, though, and just ordered two orders of fries, so I did manage to skip the bread :) They're definitely worth braving the snow for, so if it lets up a bit....

@Marsha: Me too...on both counts. Have a great weekend, too.

@Lexa: I'll definitely chalk this past week up to a 'recharge', go get some fries! :)

@Alex: Very true, very true....and progress is progress :)

@Julie: MacD's is such a cultural icon that, I think, almost everyone has some sort of memory of going there, their food, etc. Have a great fry-day, yourself and thanks :)

Vanessa Morgan said...

Don't worry about it. The procrastination days or weeks are usually followed by extremely active ones :-)

Mark Means said...

@Vanessa: I sure hope so..and thanks :)

Elise Fallson said...

Oh I have weeks where I get very little done with my writing. It's frustrating but makes us appreciate the weeks when we fianlly crank out the word count. Also, Yeah for carbs!!! I love french fries and anything made with potatoes really.... (:

Dani said...

Of gosh I love McD's fries too. Yummmm!
I saw on another page that your from Vero. I stay at a time share in Vero during week 29. Love it there. Unfortunately we are missing out this year since we are taking the kids to a different location.
Anyways, seems like you still got a lot done minus your minus category. Congrats on that!

Mark Means said...

@Elise: You're absolutely right and I know that there are more productive weeks on the horizon...even if I have to unhook the internet to insure them :) Totally agree...almost anything made with potatoes can grab my attention pretty quick!

@Dani: I moved down to Vero about three years ago and I's a great place to visit and even better to live. We're on the western end and it's pretty quiet out here. After about 8 pm, the streets are, pretty much, deserted, lol. I like the quiet, but it also reminds me of how old I'm getting, as well...haha.

Yep, got stuff done, just not what I wanted...which is o.k., too.

Morgan said...

What the random french fries?!?!? LOL. Totally laughing.

I've had a couple days off from writing and I'm *trying* not to beat myself up about it. I like your idea of focusing on the things you *did* do. :)

Mark Means said...

@Morgan: The way I look at it, there's nothing wrong with 'recharging the ole' batteries' every once in a while, as I'm sure yo already know :)

For my process, I always need to, at least, try to stay somewhat positive.

I should post a Big Mac next seems to be popular :D

klahanie said...

Hi Mark,

I like French fries and I share your liking of the MacDonald's variety.

And I'm sure your writing production will have those weeks where you do less than you might have envisioned. Of course, the main thing is to not put pressure on yourself.

And ah yes, those blog hops and blogfests. A great way to meet new people. Although I don't participate them, I have a great time mostly satirising the alphabet challenge. I have a great rapport with the hosts.

I write when the mood strikes me. A most therapeutic, cathartic, positive resource for me.

I went for a "Happy Meal" and didn't feel any happier. I wonder if I can sue them!

Peace be with you and I appreciated your supportive comment on my site. Thank you.


Mark Means said...

Gary, I've always had a soft spot for MacD's fries...not sure why.

Writing can, indeed, be some great therapy and if you weren't happy after eating a "Happy Meal", I think you should -write- the company and complain :D

Best wishes to you!

Scribbles From Jenn said...

I had my share of minuses this week. But learning how to make McDonald's fries fixes all of that :D

New follower and yes, it was because of the fries recipe ;p

Mark Means said...

@Jenn: Well, hopefully, your plusses outweighed your minues :)

Glad the fries recipe brightened your day as well as tempt you into following me...I appreciate it, thanks!

Sherry Ellis said...

Now I want some fries. Thanks a lot! ;)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, man... I like fries, too... but not eating them any time soon. Damn diet. Leveling up the blogging is nothing to scoff at and DOES take time, so it is fair to count with the writing.

Ellie Garratt said...

French fries. Yummy.

Now you know what I'm going to say, don't you? There's a lot of blogging going on and not much writing. But as my other half would say, 'Pot calling kettle black.' In other words, what did I do all last week? Eh. Blogging.

I say enjoy. You'll get back to your writing when you're ready.

Mark Means said...

@Sherry: Now, so do I! :)

@Hart: Bleh....that stinks. Hopefully, you'll get some 'cheat time' and maybe you can have some fries, then? :) "Leveling up the blogging"....i like that and, you're right, writing is writing.

@Ellie: No, you're absolutely right...I do need to get back to my projects so any nudges in that direction are always appreciate. Thanks for the follow, as well :)

Juliet Bond said...

Have you ever seen the clip from Super Size Me where they put McDonald's fries under glass and wait for them to rot? They never do!!! It's terrifying!

M. J. Joachim said...

Those french fries look so yummy! Sometimes it's hard to get a lot of writing done, but that's okay. Some of these blog hops have a way of energizing us, giving us new things to write about and making us enjoy the journey. Sounds like you had a great week, just the same!

Mark Means said...

@Juliet: lol, no I've never seen that. I'm not sure I want to watch something that denigrates my precious french fries, anyway! :)

@M.J.: I definitely agree. Blog hops are great ways to get cool material to write about and energize the imagination :)

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