Monday, August 12, 2013

The Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest/Super Blogger Award!

If there's one thing that's a constant in the blogosphere, besides blogging, it has to be the notion of the "blog fest/blog hop/award".

For most of us, these are fun, a bit of a distraction from our usual blogging 'habits', and a great way to meet new blogging buddies as well as discover new blogs we may not have found, otherwise.

I did say....."most of us".

Gary, over at Klahanie, marches to the beat of a different blogging drum. While a very thoughtful, good natured, and engaging, blogger, he's not very keen on the whole notion of the 'blog hop'. This meant, of course, that someone, eventually, would dedicate one to him.

Set up by Alex J. Cavanaugh, Mark (Milton) Koopmans, Tina Downey, Robyn Engel, and Morgan Shamy, this is a fun and simple hop where all you need to do is make up three bloghops that you would never dream of signing up for. The crazier, the better, but let's keep things PG-13, o.k? :)

My three would be...

1. Pointy Sticks Meet Eyeballs Bloghop-- "Where you see the point coming...and that's the last thing you see."

2. The No Pitstops Blogfest-- "It's a road trip. A long, roadtrip...and we ain't stopping. We're also eating Taco Bell and drinking coffee so, warning, explosive results may occur!"

3. The Snakes In A Sleeping Bag Bloghop-- "Where there's a snake in someone's sleeping bag. Is it yours?"

So, what three bloghops would you never participate in?

If you want to see the list of participants and show 'em some love, you can find the info HERE.

While we're on the subject of blog hops and blogging awards, I guess this is a good a time as any to award another "Super Blogger Award".

The "rules" (more like guidelines, really, yaaaarrrrrr!) are simple:

Take the award for yourself, then pass it along to someone who inspires you or you just think is 'super' in one way or another. Tell us why you think that person is super and deserving. Now, all the recipient has to do is reveal a (as in one) small secret about themselves (super people always tend to have a secret or two, right?) and pass the reward on to someone they think is deserving.

This one is going out guessed it....our friend, Gary.

Gary has been on the short list for this since I came up with it, for a variety of reasons.

As I stated above, Gary is thoughtful and engaging in not only his blog, but his comments. He always replies to each and every comment left for him as well as making sure to return the favor by visiting others. His posts, while always heartfelt, are usually laced with a hearty dose of humor and sarcastic wit. I can't remember a time he's commented on this blog and I didn't have a grin or a chuckle from reading it.

So, I just want to thank Gary for his contributions to the blogging community and hope he'll accept this in the spirit in which it's given.

Gary, (and Penny!), thanks for all you do and, please, keep on doing it!


Morgan said...

LOL! Mark, I'm am TOTALLY LAUGHING... your bloghops are hilarious!

And Gary is awesome, isn't he? Love his thoughtful comments. I'm sure he'll LOVE the Super Blogger Award... ;-)

Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

Quite and very funny. I figure they'd be mainly video posts, which I believe the snack in the bag one would go viral. Love your award badge. It's definitely you. :) Writer’s Mark

Suzanne Furness said...

Glad Penny got a mention here! Gary is a 'super' guy.

Mark Koopmans said...


Dude, you get the "oh yeah" award for joining "GaryFest" AND giving him a blog award, too !!!

I BUL'ed all over my adult beverage.

Sorry, I don't LOL... that's so 2007, it's all about the Busted Out Laughing to this here Hawaiian Kat :)

Mark Koopmans said...


Dude, you get the "oh yeah" award for joining "GaryFest" AND giving him a blog award, too !!!

I BUL'ed all over my adult beverage.

Sorry, I don't LOL... that's so 2007, it's all about the Busted Out Laughing to this here Hawaiian Kat :)

Mark Koopmans said...


Dude, you get the "oh yeah" award for joining "GaryFest" AND giving him a blog award, too !!!

I BUL'ed all over my adult beverage.

Sorry, I don't LOL... that's so 2007, it's all about the Busted Out Laughing to this here Hawaiian Kat :)

Mark Koopmans said...

OMGosh, that is too funny... and just a little weird :)

I pressed SEND once and I won two free entries :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark - well those anti-blogfests would beat me out of the arena .. I don't often participate - but I would definitely be running in the other direction ..

Great thoughts here - and the Gary Award .. fun - well this is going to keep Penny busy for the rest of the week ..

Cheers Hilary said...

I'm laughing at your blogfests and at Mark K's free entry comments. Great job. This was very fun and kinda sent a chill up my spine --especially the pointy sticks one.

Gary is well deserving of that award.

Thanks for joining this party.


Empty Nest Insider said...

Now I'm going to have nightmares about "snakes in sleeping bags!" This was a wonderful tribute to Gary and he is definitely deserving of the award (should he decide to accept it)!


Suzanne said...

Excellent blog hop ideas :) I'm really enjoying checking out the blogs I follow today!
Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Congrats Gary on both a bloghop and an award. You came up with some good ones Mark.

mail4rosey said...

I just saw Pat's names and they made me this. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Double whammy for Gary today - blogfest and a an award!
Wait, is that a snake in my sleeping bag? Oh, nevermind...

M.L. Swift said...

Hilarious, Mark. You truly have me rolling. Great sense of humor. I love coming here when I can!

M.L. Swift, Writer

L. Diane Wolfe said...

No pitstops? I would die.

Liesel Hill said...

Great anti-blogfests! Loved #1! :D

Here are mine!

Mark Means said...

@Moran: Haha, thank you and, yes, Gary's pretty awesome :)

@Nancy: LOL! Well, if I had thought of trying some videos, I might have :D Thank you!

@Suzanne: Oh yeah, can't forget Penny!

@Mark: Well, Mort, it looks like you've developed a stutter...but that's's a two for one sale on comments today :D I haven't BUL'ed yet, but I like that one! :) Thanks for hosting!

@Hilary: Oh, same here...I'd definitely be running in the opposite direction if faced with those whacked out hops :)

@Robyn: Thank you and thanks for hop!

@Julie: Thanks and, yes, snakes in a sleeping bag is worse than snakes on a plane to me. Hmmm...maybe I can get a movie deal out of it?? :)

@Suzanne: Me too and thanks! I've seen some great ones, so far :)

@Sheena: Thank you!

@Rosey: Hehe, thanks!

@Alex: Yes, I figured I'd hit Gary with a one-two punch....digitally speaking, of course :) Thanks for hosting this!

@Mike: Haha, thank you sir and always glad to see you drop by :)

@Diane: Me too..especially with coffee and Taco Bell in the mix!

@Liesel: Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing yours, as well :)

Tina said...

You described Gary very well, and how perfect to give him his award today!
Tina @ Life is Good

Stephen Tremp said...

I'll avoid that road trip hahaha. This has to be one of the worst blogfests so.far. But hey, you can always.roll.down the window. Just hope there is not a cop behind you.

Hart Johnson said...

HA! The point is the last thing you see coming! Nice! It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, eh? And yeahno on the snakes... not playing that one!

Al Diaz said...

Gosh, Mark! This is too funny. Is the second bloghop with windows open or closed? That's a critical factor, you see? Hahahhahahaha. Great entry!


Jeremy [Retro] said...

i laughed so hard on the "#2"... i so been there... was not a fun way to travel..

The Blog-fest that make me want to say "NO"...
Jeremy H.

New Look, New Name and Same Stuff...

Jeremy [Retro] said...

or is it more pc to say... going #2 referring to the driving part and going?

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

No Pitstops sounds pretty disgusting though not as painful as the other two.

Julie said...

I don't think I can top your 3 hops. Those are pretty out there.

Samantha May said...

He now joins the likes of Alex with a having a bloghop named after him!

And I don't think I would enter any of your bloghops :D

Robin said...

I wouldn't be joining any of your hops. Like Gary, I am not all that into blog hops in the first place, but these are terrible.

Congrats to Gary on the award! That is awesome!!!

michelle said...

Snakes Alive! *shudders*
What scary blogfests! *eyes popping at the thought*
Writer In Transit

michelle said...

Snakes Alive! *shudders*
What scary blogfests! *eyes popping at the thought*
Writer In Transit

michelle said...

Snakes Alive! *shudders*
What scary blogfests! *eyes popping at the thought*
Writer In Transit

michelle said...

Seems like I made it in time for the "take-one-get-two-free" special of the day! LOL

Maurice Mitchell said...

You had me laughing all the way through Mark!

Manzanita said...

I was here really early and forgot to comment. Your imagination is funny. Hey there is already a song starting out like that. Good writing, Mark. I did all of them, took Cody for a walk and now get ready for a flamenco class. It was fun and I don't do a lot of them.

I.B. Nosey said...

Yeah, don't see the point coming...when blinders should not have been removed.

No Pitstops? Me No Ride With U.

And snakes...oh, slither me timbers!

Julia King said...

Gary is great. I sort of wish I could have a timeshare with Penny. Such a cutie.

Man, that second blogfest might be a little bit too uncomfortable for my liking. I do like me a crunch wrap supreme, though. Numms.

You made me giggle. :D

Thanks for commenting on Sara's post about my book today. Hear hear to support.

S.P. Bowers said...

I may not sleep in a sleeping bag again.

mshatch said...

These are all very funny but #1 made me giggle :)

Trisha F said...

Explosive results indeed ... Love your blogfest ideas, even if they are definitely ones I'd avoid too. ;)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh NOOOO! Suffering a flashback here. I've kinda lived that second one when our kids were young, and my husband wanted to make the drive from GA to MD in as short a period of time as humanly possible. No thanks. Don't care to relive that experience. HA!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Perfect award!!

Once we got stuck on the beltway during the work traffic and it was a little like your blog fest!

Misha Gericke said...

Hahahaha I love/hate your blogfest ideas. The last one would totally have given me the creeps. :-D

Michael Di Gesu said...

Very imaginative Mark! Too funny!

I'm liking Gary more and more!

cleemckenziebooks said...

Do not have a hop if it involves snakes! Please. I'll that the Pointy Sticks Meet Eyeballs instead.

Lexa Cain said...

Yikes, Mark! Your bloghops are scary! But they still gave me a good chuckle. Great post! :-)

klahanie said...

Greetings Mark,

Sorry for such a delay in my um eagerly anticipated arrival :)

I suppose there was an air of inevitability that some um well-meaning blogger would decide to achieve the ultimate in irony blogfest, anti-blogfest, blogfest. Help me! LOL

Eye almost see the point in your first non-choice. The second one I drove right by. Kinda' like a drive-by blogger who leaves a vague comment in hopes you will go to their site and follow their blog. The third one almost becomes an innuendo.

I would never participate in any blog hop. No surprise, eh :)

Seriously, thanks for bestowing your very thoughtful award on Penny and me, her alleged human. Your words are kind and I do appreciate our ongoing positive interaction, Mark. I shall duly slap up this award in an upcoming posting.

And yay, thanks for the irony.

Gary :)

Ella said...

Mark you always make me smile :D
These are fun!

Shell Flower said...

Dude, you are killing me with those bloghops, especially the "explosive" taco-bell, caffeinated bloghop. Wow, I think I was on that hop before blogs existed...wait, nevermind, that was Grateful Dead tour. Gary is definitely an awesome commenter and deserving of the award and ironic blogfest.

Mark Means said...

@Tina: Thanks...I thought so, too! :)

@Stephen: I'm not sure even an open window would help with that one!

@Hart: Heh, yeah I'd have to bring some goggles for that hop :)

@Al: Thanks and I'm not sure if an open window would alleviate the toxic combo of coffee and Taco Bell. Just don't ask me how I know it -is- toxic....ahem :P

@Jeremy: LOL...I have too..definitely no fun! I'm not sure, but just calling it #2 is "P.C." enough for me :)

@Susan: Unless you're the one having to make the pitstop...then it could get sort of painful!

@Julie: They are 'a lot' out there, for sure :D

@Samantha: Heh, I sure wouldn't either!

@Robin: Are they so 'bad' that they're good....or just plain bad?? :)

@Michelle: Yep, you better watch those eyes if they bug out too much! Glad to see you and Mr. Koopmans take advantage of the buy one, get two free deal :D

@Maurice: haha, thank you sir!

@Manzanita: Well, I'm glad you remembered to come back and comment..I appreciate that :)

@I.B: Heh, very don't have a dog, by chance, do you? :)

@Julia: My pleasure and best wishes on the new book :) That's the thing...I make fun of Taco Bell, but it -is- sooo good!

@S.P.: My work here is done! :P

@mshatch: Haha, thank you!

@Trisha: Thank you and don't worry...I wouldn't go near them, either!

@Susan: Actually, I got the idea from years of car trips when I was young with my mom and dad. One time, my dad was refusing to pull over and handed me a coke bottle (I'm not kidding). My mom hounded him until he did pull over,

@Elizabeth: Thanks and I know the feeling. Nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic and then getting 'that feeling'...ugh!

@Misha: LOL....thanks and same here.

@Michael: Thanks and Gary is a very cool dude, even if he tries to convince you otherwise :)

@Lee: Hmm...yeah, it would be a tough call!

@Lexa: Thank you, much!

@Gary: You're very welcome and always great to hear from you..whether it be via one of your own postings or a comment here. Pawsitive wishes to both you and Penny :)

@Ella: Thank you very much and I'm glad you enjoyed!

@Shell: LOL....I've never been to a Dead concert, but that sure didn't make me want to start :)

Yolanda Renee said...

Funny, a stick in the eye - that happens a bit too often these days! :)

Gary so deserving of the Super Award, but I'm sure he'll just grumble! Maybe we need a grumbler award!

Melissa said...

This is a hoot. I wish I'd had time to participate in this one. Too funny. :D

Tara Tyler said...

those are some very uncomfortable bloghops!

and yay for super gary!

Brandon Ax said...

That is awesome, I must admit it has taken me a while to enjoy the blog hops.

I am still laughing at your second one.

Melanie Schulz said...

Love your blog hop ideas- might have to steal a couple of those ;)

Nicki Elson said...

This blogfest is too funny. Your #3 has got me thinking...but how would we get the snake in the bag...

Julie Flanders said...

The entries for this fest are so fun to read. I'd never make it on that road trip. Everyone I travel with hates me because I want to stop about 5 minutes after we leave the house LOL.

Gary and Penny are both awesome, definitely deserving recipients of this award. :)

mail4rosey said...

I have participated in the no pit stops real life situation, w/a driver who wanted to 'make good time.' Oh, how I do not miss those days and would not participate in the blog hop. ;)

I will be visiting here again though. :) Just dropping by to wave hello.

mail4rosey said...

And yes, I know I already visited/commented, I was just here to see what was up and wanted to wave the hello while I was at it. Just clearing up any misconceptions of senility that might arise. ;)

Carol Kilgore said...

I love all these!

But no pitstops? Oh, no!

Rachna Chhabria said...

Your three bloghops are really hilarious. Snakes in a sleeping bag (shudder, shiver).

Carrie Butler said...

Hah! Excellent choices, Mark. :D

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