Monday, June 3, 2013

The Writing Spirit/Music Monday

Do you have a 'writing spirit'? No, I'm not really talking about the ever present 'muse' we (if we are lucky) seem to pick up as we write. I'm talking about the drive, the energy, the determination to start writing and keep at it. I'm going to guess that the better part of us, who write, do have this spirit and it's what helps spur us on when other factors in our lives are telling us to give up.

My writing spirit seems to have taken off for parts unknown for the duration, but I hope he returns soon.

I'm not sure if it's residual 'A to Z Challenge' burnout, some minor job/financial issues, or something else that's keeping him at bay, but I've really been feeling "blah" about writing.

The spirit has, it seems, been exorcised....even to the point where I'm not that motivated to blog much, anymore. Maybe it's time to scale back my blogging and try to put more effort into my other various projects?

Whatever it is, I need to recapture that spirit.....Ghostbuster's style!

One thing I've been thinking is that I need to read more. I'm still in the middle of Julie Flander's great novel Polar Night and have Ender's Game, which I just downloaded, waiting in the wings. My TBR (to be read) list has grown by leaps and bounds, so maybe it's time to start whittling that down.

Whatever the reason, I'm setting the 'writing spirit' trap out there and waiting patiently. I'll just have to remember, though, to not cross the streams when I finally find it again.

I ain't afraid of no ghost....

Music Monday

For today's toe tapper, I figured I'd keep with the theme and leave you all with Ray Parker Jr.'s theme from Ghostbusters

How do you go about keeping that 'writing spirit'?

Have a great Monday!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Just keep reading - that might spur you on to writing as ideas hit.
Now you know why I only blog three times a week.
I don't have a big urge to write now either, but fortunately the guitar playing is still a strong burn.

jaybird said...

I was in the same spot you are, a short while ago. But the writing bug jumped up and bit me again. It will come back to you...all in good time. Keep reading and listening to your tunes. Inspiration will come around again, I'm sure of it.

I'm sorry to hear about the financial/ job stress. That always puts a damper on my mood and desire to write.

Listening to that Ghostbusters song brings back many, many memories. My brother still teases me and says, "Listen, you smell something?" So many great lines in that movie!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

It will come back to you. I lost it for a long time until I switched back to non-fiction and found it again.

S.P. Bowers said...

Maybe your spirit is hanging out with mine because I'm having the same problem.

Andrew Leon said...

One thing I have learned about writing is that, if you want to be successful at it, you have to do it even when you don't "feel like it." Usually, the act of doing it will make you feel like it. If you wait for the right mood, you'll just spend most of your time waiting.

Al Diaz said...

Hahaha, this is a good choice. Funny I feel a bit like you do. I think my problem is that I'm trying to handle a lot of things at the same time and don't have enough hours in the day, so I can't really focus. I'm worried about the things I'm leaving undone. I think reading is a good call. :)

Suzanne Furness said...

I think most of us go through periods of feeling like this. Reading sounds like an excellent idea - enjoy!

Julie Luek said...

Julia Cameron would say your artist's well has run dry. When I get like that which I do, I try to find ways to deposit back into my account-- hikes, walks, jogs, music, reading, soul-searching, coffee shops, bubble baths and wine-- whatever to feed myself again.

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

I've been on kind of a "blah" too. :( I think it's the spring/summer fever. I need to get motivated and soon. :) Best to finding that spirit again :)

Jenny said...

I've been in the same boat. I hope you get your writing mojo back soon. I agree that reading helps...just keep those words flowing over your brain!

Love Ghostbusters!

Suze said...

Begin anywhere.

-John Cage

Manzanita said...

Actually I'm glad I'm not a writer because I don't have to worry about the writing spirit coming and going.
I have noticed when summer comes, I don't feel much like blogging because I want to be outside working in the yard. I just like to slow down sometimes, too ...... and I did.
Hope you find the spirit. Did you look in the candy dish? I hear they have a sweet tooth. :)

Regina Gort said...

I think it is a part of the A to Z burnout for me. I attended a retreat this past weekend to get back in touch with my writer spirit.

klahanie said...

Hi Mark,

At least I don't have to worry about alphabet burnout.

The writing spirit is always there. I know that when in doubt, I can call upon Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, to take over. Yep, that's who I call.

My friend, all will be just fine.

Gary :)

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Ghostbuster theme rocks. My writing spirit has been phasing in and out lately but I won't let it disappear. Best of luck getting yours back Mark.

Misha Gericke said...

My spirit also went on holiday. I think it might be because I'm editing again.

However, now that I'm waiting for my CPs to get back to me, I'm sort of wanting to write again...

Still, I think I should keep reading instead.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Mark .. I sometimes wish I could run out of ideas for the blog - and sort of get the pile down a little - and now the desks are chock-a-block again .. so much I'd love to blog about ..

If I was writing a book - I bet my muse would disappear off the page too .. it sounds like summer is here, time for a little loosening up= less blogging, lots of reading and some outside space to gather those grey cells back in with rainbow colours attached ..

Good luck and enjoy the summer - cheers Hilary

Mark Koopmans said...

OK, so I scrolled through the other (awesome) replies 'cos I wanted to hit you while my fire's hot.

(Dude, this isn't as bad as it sounds:)

What I'm trying to say is: forego the blog for the real stuff - the WIP.

I was there with you a few months ago (maybe a year) and I was pumping out post after post, blogfest after bloghop... and life was good.

Great comments came my way... my follows made it into the double digits and there was no stopping this literary genius-to-be...

... Until one day, I realized I hadn't written *ONE WORD* of WIP in nearly two months...

And why?

MY self-inflicted Blog Schedule...

So, now a year later, I blog *much, much less (and on no schedule except my own) and wouldn't you know it... WIP#1 is done.

Amazing, huh :)

Dig deep, Grasshopper... What is it you *want* to achieve?

OK, well go do it.

Manhug >> ((Mark))

Robin said...

I came home from vacation this weekend and I am in that same boat, Mark. I don't feel like blogging or reading or anything. There is so much to do since I have gotten home. I know the A to Z tapped me out pretty badly, but I don't think I can put all of the blame there.

I have been reading the same book for a really long time (not like me). I just don't even feel inspired to read. And the book is very good. ::she smacks her forehead::

When you figure this one out, please post something.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Sometimes my spirit wanes and I'll either force it by writing some crap or I'll mow the yard!

Julie Flanders said...

Oh, thanks for the shout-out! And thanks for reading my book as well.
I've had this same feeling before, with both writing and blogging, but then somehow the spirit just comes back. I'm never sure what gets me in the mood again.

I curse you for putting the Ghostbusters song in my head! ;)

Lisa said...

I hear you on missing the spirit. I've just come through a bout of that and am SO GLAD to be on the other side (at least of this one!). Sounds like you're doing the right thing. Reading is always good to do and does help. Also, when money issues get in the way, which is a sure fire way of dampening the writing spirit, be patient with yourself and your spirit. It's only hiding and if you take lots of deep breaths over the next few days and concentrate only on "This too, shall pass" as a "mantra" I find this helps me tremendously. Sounds silly I know, but it works!!!

Mark Means said...

@Alex: I definitely think more reading is in order, for sure!

@Jaybird: Thanks and, hopefully, the bug will bite me again :)

@Diane: I sure hope so!

@S.P.: Maybe a seance is in order? :)

@Andrew: You're absolutely right and that's something I need to keep reminding myself, as well.

@Al: Seems I'm in good company, then :)

@Suzanne: Thank you and it's always nice to hear I'm not alone in this.

@Julie: Great idea and I like that analogy :)

@Rebecca: Yep, hopefully it will pass sooner, than later :)

@Jenny: Thank you!

@Suze: Definitely some good advice and a great quote...thanks :)

@Manzanita: LOL...I haven't looked there...yet, but I will...thanks :P

@Regina: A great idea...maybe I should try to find some like minded writers in the area.

@Gary: Hmmmm...I might have to give Penny a ring, as well. Thank you for the encouragement :)

@Sheena: Thank you....I'll have to set a few more Ghostbuster Traps, I think :)

@Misha: Maybe it just went on a small sabbatical? :)

@Hilary: A plethora of ideas is a good thing, but I know what you mean when it comes to writing an actual book :) Thank you!

@Mark: I know...I know...I think that's a big part of my problem, as well. I need to re-evaluate the good ole' 'writing schedule' and make sure I include time for my other projects, too. Originally, I started blogging on a 'schedule' to keep the writing muscles limber, but I'm not using those 'muscles' for anything else....sooo... Great advice, though, and I'm going to have to rework my schedule, no doubt.

@Robin: If/when I figure it out, I'll certainly let you know :)

@Elizabeth: Well, I'm good at writing crap, so I might try that as I hate mowing the yard :D

@Julie:, 'Who you gonna call?'

@Lisa: No, not silly at all....I'll keep those words in mind...thank you :)

nutschell said...

Gosh. I go through those spurts too. It's hard at times when you can't see the point of writing. But the spirit always comes back--especially when I encounter a really good book.

Valerie said...

Ooof!!! The dreaded writers block!! Whenever I run out of stuff to say, I plan an adventure of some sorts. Get out and see the world? You'll be inspired in no time!!



John Wiswell said...

I sincerely believe that the drive to write is less important that prolonged experience writing routinely. Rebecca Godwin used to tell me that what broke her writer's block was working an in ad agency: if she didn't produce something, she'd be fired. After periods of routine production, she was able to summon the drive when she needed it, because she mastered self-motivation as part of her trade.

Morgan said...

I go through phases too... I totally get what you're saying here, Mark! And I think it's good for us to do whatever we can to keep growing. Which is why I go through reading phases and blogging phases and hard core writing phases--not matter where I am, as long as I'm improving my craft, I feel accomplished. :-)

Great post.

Heather Musk said...

I've felt that about reading lately. Doing an English literature course this year means I've been reading a lot, and although I've enjoyed the books they have been set and I haven't chosen them.
It put me off reading a bit, but I'm getting back into it now. And it's fun because I can choose my own stuff now.

Maybe a short break to freshen up the mind, and then you can go back to it with a new perspective.

Charmaine Clancy said...

I didn't even do A-Z this year and I still struggled to blog through May. Maybe there was a blogging virus going around :)

I get stuck into reading when I don't feel like writing, and I write. Just not my manuscript. I write in a journal, or record dreams any old thing. Just keeps my pen warm until I'm inspired again :)

You'll get there.

Mark Means said...

@nutschell: That's always does come back...just a matter of 'when' :)

@Valerie: Hmmm...and adventure...that's a good idea!

@John: Excellent point, but I don't want my writing to be just 'routine'...I want it to be something I'll enjoy reading when I'm done. It's a good philosophy to go with, though, as far as just 'getting it done'.

@Morgan: Thank you and you're right. Whatever keeps us moving forward and not backward. Very true :)

@Heather: I think a short break is definitely in order, yes :)

@Charmaine: Haha...yes...I wonder if there's an innocculation for that??? :D

Suzanne said...

Mine disappeared for about 6 months :( I re-arranged my blog now and have a schedule of when I'll post and what. And sadly created a daily timetable - changes daily! But if it says 9am write - then I go into the garden and write, or read. Small things, but has really helped the old enthusiasm/mojo come back :)
Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

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