Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo...Day Nine

I figured it was bound to happen....I really struggled today to make my word count. The important thing is, though, that I did make it.

1,532 words today for a grand total of 15,043. Still on track, but the rails were a little shaky today.

I'm heading to a point, I think, where my plot is becoming a bit more convoluted and I'm feeling that my characters don't have much....well...character. Then again, I knew I'd be going into this, pretty much by the seat of my britches so I'm not surprised as much as I am wanting to make sure that the plot, at least, makes sense.

I still don't have a major villain. I have a few ideas and some sparks of motivation for the antagonist, but nothing concrete. I also don't have near as much action as I want.

Basically, things are just plodding along. I'm eeking out a word count and, at this point, that's about it. I need to dig in and make sure the plot doesn't come off like a 1930's era police procedural show.

The best thing I can do, I think, is to keep on putting something down....everyday. I realize that when it's time to edit and re-write, things can be shifted around to make more sense. I know this. I just thought things would be flowing more smoothly by now.

Today was just a down point, not rock bottom. I'm sure things will pick up.

They will pick up....right?  Of course, they will... ;)

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