Sunday, November 20, 2011

NaNoWriMo.....Day Twenty

So, instead of the usual 'I typed this many words today and my total is this many words' NaNoWriMo  post, I've decided to add a visual dynamic. Below are a couple of shots of my 'writing space' (which also, amazingly, transforms into a spare bedroom when we have company). A place I can go (usually accompanied by our cat, Jasmine) pop in my ear buds and 'get away from it all', as they say. As you can tell, there's a definite theme to my little area....I've been a comic book fan for over thirty years. It's a good thing I have a very understanding wife  :)

Where do you go to write? Where has NaNoWriMo forced you to hole up for the month of November? Got a pic? Post a link in the comments section. I'd like to see what inspires you all.

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