Thursday, June 14, 2012


Roughly seven months ago, I made a pretty significant foray into the world of writing. I attempted my very first National Novel Writing Month or, as it's known in some circles, NaNoWriMo.

And, amazingly enough, I won....actually finishing two hundred and twenty-three words over the required 50k minimum.

This is pretty much old news to almost anyone who's even glanced at this jumbled mess I call a blog. It is relevant, though, in that I'm going to try something coming this July.

For me, July will be known as July Novel Editing Month. Yeah, I know it should probably be NaNoEdMo (which is already established), but cut me some slack here....I'm 'marching to the beat of my own drum'...or something like that. Besides, I think JuNoEdMo is sort of catchy. To quote Dr. Peter Venkman:

"The franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams."

Or something like that....

Not that I can franchise anything connected to NaNoWriMo shut up...I just wanted to use that quote.

Anyway, I'm going to dedicate July to re-reading my (NaNoWriMo) award winning story, The T.E.M.P. Agency and editing it, thus.

I saw a pretty helpful looking article over at LifeHacker that was making the rounds last December, and it looks like a decent starting point.

So, cross your fingers, rub a horseshoe, throw some salt over your shoulder, and wish me luck....

....I'm gonna need it.


Leslie said...

Good luck! I'm afraid to even look at my NaNo novel and have just been doing short stories here and there. I'd admire your ability to dive back in and work things out :D

Mark Means said...

Thanks Leslie! :)

Part of the reason I'm posting something about it publicly is so that, maybe, I'll feel some accountability and that will spur me on.

Also, at least for me, deadlines are a -good- thing!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I was not expecting a quote from Peter Venkman today. Love it.
Congrats on winning Nanowrimo and it offers you the right to make up what every words you want. Good luck with the edits. I am doing Junowrimo and want to participate in Camp Nanowrimo in August, so July will be outlining for that. Then edit both in September. That is the plan anyway. Look forward to hearing how your edits come along.

Mark Means said...

The venerable Dr. Venkman is not quoted -nearly- enough, in my view :)

Thank you and the same to you with JuNoWriMo and Camp NaNo....sounds like you're going to have a busy next couple of months!

I'll try to throw something up here about my editing progress and hope to hear the same from you.

Thanks for the comment :)

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