Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Horror

The Hunger

"Kid's awake again..." Vince mumbled as his slumber was disturbed by the shrill cries of his newborn. "Carla....kid's awake." He grunted, rolling over to give his wife a gentle nudge of 'encouragement' to tend to the angry baby girl.

The empty sheets told Vince that Carla was already up and seeing to young Natalie.

"Carla?" Vince said, poking his head into Natalie's dark room, her wails growing louder. "Carla, you in here?" Vince said a it louder as he walked over to the crib.

"There, there, now...it's o.k. Daddy's here." he said, scooping the infant up and cradling her in his burly arms. Natalie squirmed as he held her close to his chest, her wailing growing ever louder.

"Hey Princess, what's wrong?" Vince said, his brow furrowing as he started to become concerned. Maybe she was sick, he thought.

"Oh, she's not sick..." Carla said from a dark corner of the room. Vince jumped, startled, and turned to see his wife....her eyes glowing an eerie red color. She sat in the rocking chair in a corner of the dark room.

"Carla?" Vince said quizzically. His eyes growing wider as hers began to glow brighter. "How did you.....I didn't say...."

"No, you didn't have to. I heard your thoughts. I always hear them. You're a sick man, Vince...you and that hooker secretary of yours. You're always proving what poor tastes you have in tramps!"

"Now wait a minute, Carla, there's nothing going on..."

"Spare me", Carla said as she smiled, "things will be taken care of....very soon."

"Isn't that right, my little darling?" Carla cooed to the child in Vince's arms.

With that, a low growl came from Natalie and, when Vince looked back down at her, he gasped as her eyes glowed that same, reddish, hue. She opened her mouth and, instead of a cry, a crack of bone came from her as long, sharp, serrated looking teeth filled her tiny mouth.

Those teeth were the last thing Vince ever saw as the 'newborn' struck as quickly as a cobra. Quickly and thoroughly, she tore large chunks of skin and muscle from her 'father's' face as he quickly dropped in a heap. Her tiny fingers like talons now, gripping into his skin for purchase as she began mauling him....chunks of flesh being devoured...almost, as if, drinking in his very soul.

"There, there...", Carla said as she moved out of the shadows. Her lingerie unable to hide the goat-like look her legs had taken on and her cloven hooves clattered on the old, hardwood, floor. She stood and watched as the child gorged herself on her father's flesh and blood. Hungrily. Greedily. As if she hadn't eaten in a long while.

She picked up her daughter, whose eyes were glowing even brighter now...a satisfied smile on her face. Cradling her to her chest, she gazed down into those eyes, smiling, now showing her own rows of serrated teeth.

"Another found unworthy, it would seem. I hope he won't give you indigestion. It's alright, though, you shouldn't have the hunger for a few more years now. By then, you'll have a new daddy...." Carla trailed off, smiling.

"....and, hopefully, he'll have better.......taste."

A loud, soulless, laugh filled the house.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Best she goes through husbands fast.

Mark Means said...

Haha, well probably not like a McDonald's drive-thru...but, yeah :)

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