Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick Update/Music Monday

Thing have been a little quiet around this here blog......too quiet, as they cliche-ly say in the movies.

But still, I haven't been posting much and that's mainly been due to working a lot....both at the new job as well as on my Last Chance project. I'm still around and still trying to visit others, I'm just not as consistent as I used to be, so I apologize for that.

I just wanted to update you all with a few, quick, tidbits about the goings on, here at the Means Ranch:

The Ninja Captain, himself, Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh interviewed me for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge site, which can be found here. Just wanted to thank Alex for thinking of me and for the fun questions regarding my A to Z Challenge theme choice.

Woke up this morning to a hit and run on my old car. We know which neighbor did it, just not sure as to all the details. On the bright side, though, the car hasn't ran for a few years (so we're not really out anything) and no one was hurt. And, no, the car wasn't parked was just whacked. Really hard.

I'll, more than likely, be skipping this month's IWSG post, but will be visiting as many as possible. If something changes, you all will be the first to know :)

Oh, almost forgot, for you Whovians out there....did you see who is going to be the twelfth Doctor? It's veteran actor Peter Capaldi.

If you're like me, and not very familiar with his work, check out his IMDB entry HERE. I wasn't a Matt Smith fan, at first, but he grew on me and will be missed. I liked how they went for an older incarnation, this time around, and I'm hoping Capaldi is up for the challenge.

We shall see!

So, for today's Music Monday, let's snatch Mr. Capaldi's TARDIS (before he snags the keys) and head back to the 1970s and the era of.....Disco. (Oh, stop rolling your eyes!)

Here's The Trammps with one of my favorite songs from the Disco Era.....Disco Inferno!

Hope you all have a great week....keep writing, or whatever endeavors you're working on,.....and take care.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

aaghhhh, that is bad feeling for the car thing, though it's a hassle and the fact that you know and they drove off... it's time for a little WWF on their behinds.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy to interview you for the A to Z Blog!
That still really sucks about the car. And if your neighbor hit that hard, you bet there's damage to his car. Be hard to hide that.
Sorry you have to miss the IWSG this month.

Robin said...

I am glad that you are working so hard on your novel. That is good news. I hope that it is flowing well.

That is lousy about the car... even if you weren't driving it. Just taking care of getting it fixed is a pain. Sorry:(

I hope that everything gets easier at your ranch soon!

Mark Means said...

@Jeremy: Haha, yes.. Suplexes all around! :)

@Alex: It was a fun interview and I always love talking old school comic books :) Yeah, we're pretty sure we know who did it and are just waiting for the police to do what they need to do. I'm sure I'll be back for next month's IWSG and will have, probably, racked up all sorts of new insecurities in my writing :D

@Robin: It's flowing pretty well, actually, which I always find encouraging. Thank you and I hope so, too :)

Morgan said...

Ouch with the car! Blast. I hate real life stuff.

And I'm totally stoked to go check out that interview. I always enjoy those A-Z interviews!

Keep sane, Mark. One step at a time. You're working so hard!

S.P. Bowers said...

Sorry about the car, did the neighbors confess? We had a neighbor run over our mailbox once. They never fessed up.

Don't worry, we're all a little busy and sporadic lately.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That is terrible about your car! We had someone run over our mailbox, too. They didn't even realize they'd hit it. (Like, how could you miss whacking into a mailbox?)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Matt Smith was my 'first' Doctor, so I'm a little disappointed they picked someone older after getting used to him. I'm withholding judgment for now.
Busy working on my writing and cursing all the rain.

Suzanne said...

For my 21st birthday I got to see the opening of a new musical in Liverpool - Blood Brothers - and it was one of Peter Capaldi's first roles :) We waited at the stage entrance after as I was with two of my cousins, who's surname was ...... Capaldi! Sadly no relation. Oh, and I love Doctor Who :)
Suzanne @ Suzannes-Tribe

cleemckenzie said...

I loved your AtoZ theme, but you must have noticed since I stopped in every day. Whew! Tired just thinking of that AtoZ Challenge.

I think rear-enders are in season. Someone just plowed into me at a stop sign and sent me hurtling into the car ahead. Lovely. Now both front and back are crushed. It looks like I'm a very poor car parker. :-(

Unknown said...

That sucks about your car-must have hit it really hard to swing it around like that!

Unknown said...

That sucks about your car-must have hit it really hard to swing it around like that!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Read your A-Z guest post and it was fantastic. Will miss you but glad your project is on the go.

Annalisa Crawford said...

I'm quite pleased with Peter Capaldi - I think being older will add a new dimension (and they really couldn't have gone any younger without having a schoolboy Doctor kicking a football, could they?) Right now, I'm just looking forward to the 50th anniversary :-)

Jennifer said...

I saw the picture of your car in a thumbnail and I had to stifle a scream. Having a random hit and run is my worse nightmare.

I'm interested in seeing how Peter Capaldi will do as the doctor. I haven't seen him in anything but Torchwood and his guest role on Doctor Who. There's always an adjustment period with new Doctors, and I'm sure he'll take the role in different direction.

Unknown said...

Ouch, sorry about the car but glad it wasn't vital to your transportation needs.

Looking forward to reading the interview.

Manzanita said...

Cars, cars. They need too much maintenance (except if it's a Nissan). Horses need a lot of attention too. Hay burners. Ha
Are you a fan of writer Mick Mahloney?
(I think that is his last name) I'm just sort of getting into him. I like his rugged looks.

Mark Means said...

@Morgan: I know, same here....that blasted real life stuff can sure be a pain, sometimes :) I hope you liked the interview and thank you very much!

@S.P.: Well, she didn't, but her boyfriend/husband (not sure which he is, actually) did. I'm still not sure if the cops picked her up, yet. It's a pain, either way. When I had my house up in Kentucky, I had many mailbox incidents, lol (it was on a rural route)

@Diane: I know, you'd think hitting something like a mailbox would make some sort of noise, or whatever...sheesh.

@Susan: Actually, I'm a little glad they went back to an 'older' Doctor. If they went too much younger, we'd wind up with Justin Bieber as The Doctor (head explodes!) :) Best wishes with the writing.

@Suzanne: Oh very cool! Too bad they weren't could have gotten a hook up :)

@Lee: Thank you and I did notice (as well as appreciate) that you made time for my crazy little blog each day :D Oh, wow, sorry to hear about your vehicular woes, too. I should be grateful that I wasn't, actually, in the car when it was whacked. Hope you're o.k!

@Melanie: I know, that's what I thought too...yeesh!

@Sheena: Thank you very much!

@Annalisa: My thoughts, exactly! I'm really looking forward to the 50th Anniversary, as well...should be a great show :)

@Jennifer: If someone hadn't come and told us, I'm not sure how long it would have taken us to find out as I never drive the car and it's parked way down at the other end of our parking lot. Still, though...ugh! I'm having high hopes for Capaldi and do remember him (now) from an earlier episode he was in. I watched an interview with him and he seemed very excited to take over the TARDIS. Let's hope that excitement carries over to the screen.

@Julie: Thank you and hope you liked it! :)

@Manzanita: I think I'd prefer a horse...except when it rains, of course. (that could be a line in a song..hehe) I'm not familiar with Mick, but I'll Google him and see what he's all about. I once had a lady tell me I was 'ruggedly handsome' and I just assumed it was a nice way to saying I was

klahanie said...

Hey Mark,

Did you make mention of that alphabet challenge place. Yes you did. If I'm really brave, I'll click on the link. Been ages since I went over there and satirised, sorry, left a meaningful comment.

Oh my, will you be approaching your neighbour.

You would skip the IWSG? Good grief.

I have a friend who has a lot of Dr. Who memorabilia signed by a number of folks who played the character. His house is like a Dr. Who shrine.

Great, excuse me while I put on my disco boots! :)

Gary :)

Valerie said...

My girls are in love with Matt Smith. They are none too pleased with the new Doctor. I'm ok with it.

But I wish he was a ginger!



Lisa said...

Oh so excited to hear who the new Dr. is!!! Lovely! I don't think my niece will be too happy. She's young and likes the younger Dr's. Sorry to hear about your car, and see the photo! How stupid to hit and run if you live right there! Good luck with that... Glad your busy and working hard. I've got my deadline and am working to meet it...

jaybird said...

I'll have to go check out that interview.

And wow, am I glad to know neither you or your wife were in that car! Holy crap, what a hit. Hope the neighbor comes forward and takes responsibility for that. Geez!

I am trying my best foot forward into my blog and posts but things have been crazy busy here too. I'm struggling to find the time.

Not sure how I feel about the new Who yet. We shall see, right?

Tyrean Martinson said...

Whoa! Your car got whacked hard! I'm glad that no one was in it.

I totally get the need for time to write, and I wish you all that you need to have great writing days.

Happy Writing!!!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Mark, I have been horribly sporadic, so I totally understand! And for the record, I park like that every day and I never get hit. Just sayin'...

Jack said...

Sorry to hear about your car, but glad it was an old one and not one running.

Hope things keep going well for you!

I'm VERY excited for the new Doctor!

Ella said...

Gosh, that is terrible about your car! I, too am glad no one was hurt~
Congrats on the new job :D
I too have had my ups and downs blogging this summer~
Hang in there-we understand!

Cool about Doctor Who!

M Pax said...

Wow, your car did get hit hard. Busy is good, right?

Chancelet said...

Sorry for your mishaps. Just know he'll get his comeuppins. Wishing you the best.

I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be tagged for "The Next Big Thing," but see you might be too busy. Please let me know as soon as you can anyway. I'm posting on Tuesday, but you wouldn't have to post until up to a month afterward. (Couldn't find your email to send you a note.) Writer’s Mark

Shell Flower said...

Congrats on being a featured A-Z blogger. You had an awesome theme. Congrats on the new job, and sorry about the car. People are so 'tarded sometimes. And I love Disco Inferno. Burn baby, burn!!!

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